2019 Dr. Sonia Leziy

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Abbreviated Biography:

Dr. Sonia Leziy, periodontist, maintains a full time practice in Vancouver British Columbia. She is a clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia. She was awarded the Lucy Hobbs Award for mentorship in 2013, the Saul Schluger Award for excellence in teaching and education in 2014; she is recognized by Dentistry Today as a leader in continuing education. She is the Executive VP of Clinical Affairs for the Seattle Study Club. She is a member of numerous editorial boards, and is published in the areas of implant esthetics. She lectures extensively nationally and internationally, and provides hands-on education programs through Elatus Dental Bio-Architecture (www.elatus.ca).

Trends that are changing planning and treatment in periodontics and implant dentistry

This presentation will review some of the emerging trends in both surgical and restorative thinking and treatment, and how they are changing today’s clinical landscape. The goal in common to all clinicians is to provide ideal care with proven materials and predictable concepts from surgery through to restoration. However, early adoption of emerging technologies and innovations may challenge this philosophy. The objectives of this presentation include reviews of specific concepts and the clinician’s experiences in the following areas:

  1. Digital/virtual planning, communication, documentation and treatment. How this technology is changing the surgical and restorative landscape. The impact that face-in planning and intraoral scanning will have on the success of the periodontal practice.
  2. Soft tissue grafting to improve esthetics, tissue quality and long-term stability: moving beyond marketing hype. Understand the role of new grafting procedures and material alternatives and where they apply.
  3. Bone grafting: a look at the procedural advances to improve the handling characteristics of biologics and to enhance the host response.
  4. The demand for immediate treatment surgical and restorative protocols. Why, when and how.